Huntington Mills


Welcome to Our New Neighbors and Hello to Our Existing Neighbors!

The Huntington Mills Homeowners Association, located in Clayton, Delaware was founded in 2004 to preserve and maintain the landscaped and natural open areas throughout the Huntington Mills Subdivision.

The mission of the Huntington Mills Homeowners Association is to preserve and maintain, wherever possible, the natural environment of the Property; to provide for the maintenance of wooded areas, open spaces, and any other amenities on the Property owned by the Association (see map); and, for the benefit of the Property, to enforce and maintain the covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements, reservations, charges and liens as provided in Declaration of Covenants, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and Architectural Standards.

The Community Association is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of those areas. These spaces are a mix of landscaped areas (including the entrance areas and natural or undisturbed wetland areas. Community Association membership includes 199 Unit Owners.